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Travel Boundary Country and the Historic Kettle River Valley
through this web site. Starting with Christina Lake in the east and moving along Crowsnest Hwy #3 westward through Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midway, Rock Creek and Bridesville. Then from Rock Creek travel north along Hwy #33 to Westbridge, Beaverdell, Carmi, and Big White.

All profits made from the sale of advertising in the guide will be reinvested in the Grand Forks Chamber of Commerce’s marketing initiatives for the region. The Grand Forks Chamber is a non - profit organization that operates the Visitor Info Centre; the official Tourism BC Visitor Info Centre Network throughout BC. Drop into the VIC for travel counselling, for local, regional and provincial information, the sale of the BC Road Map and Parks Guide and to book your Rock Candy Mine Safari.

For further information:
Christina Lake Chamber of Commerce: www.christinalake.com 447-6161
Grand Forks Chamber of Commerce: www.gandforkschamber.com
Greenwood Board of Trade: www.greenwoodcity.com 445-6323
Greenwood Museum and Visitor Info Centre: 445-6355
Midway: Kettle River Museum: 449-2614
Rock Creek / Bridesville: Canyon Creek Ranch: www.canyoncreekreanch.ca
Beaverdell: General Store: 484-5562

Many Thanks
Pictures for the uncredited photo collages on the cover, and throughout this Guide were supplied by Cathy Astofooroff Chris Hammett, Dave and Lillian Brummet, Wildways Adventure Sports, Chain Reaction Bike And Board, Tina Bryan, Brian McAndrew, Ernie Hennig. Special Thanks to Boundary Mapping for their assistance on the maps.

Contact the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Grand Forks for more info: [email protected] 1 866 442 2833
Websites to visit:
www.grandforkschamber.com - www.city.grandforks.bc.ca - www.boundarycf.com - www.boundary.bc.ca

Contact Project Manager: e-mail Brian or ph: 250-442-3731 / or e-mail Sales: Tina